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Mobius SQL Replicator

Mobius SQL Replicator

Mobius SQL Replicator is a multiroute data replication tool between distributed databases (universal data model) on a multi tier tree-like architecture.


Mobius SQL Replicator is an application designed for organizations with tertorially distributed branches. Can be implemented in multi-location configurations where there is a need for real time data comunication. The application optimizes data transport between dfferent databases of the organization using customized routes and scenarios. Importance degrees could be set for certain information in order to prioritize data transmission. Other features: data/information transmission management, communication monitoring, specific reports.

Main features:

Versatile application (based on a universal data model, meta-database) with a visual, intuitive user interface. The replication mechanism uses configurable routes and time intervals, according to user’s requirements.
Data replication takes place between geographically distributed locations and a central headquarters (both ways) which allows a real time centralization or sharing of information with data auditing, journalling, routes configuration, storage/transportation redundancy, data synchronization between database servers, automatic system status (on/off) awareness etc.

Interoperability. Connectivity:

Can be integrated with any application using SQL server and needs comunication between several locations.


Client side is developped in VB.NET, .NET Framework 1.1. The software runs on Windows 2000/XP platforms. The reports are made with Reporting Services/Crystal Reports. 
Features management, reporting system :

The application has an intuitive interface for features management and has different reports on transfer completion, problems appeared etc. This system is also a tool  for assistance in decisions regarding equipment and communication maintenanace on the basis of their performances.

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