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Mobius Dispatch is a mission critical communication management and data transfer tool for organizations with distributed databases (universal data model) on a tree like, multi tier architecture.

In teritorially distributed organizations, the application “Dispatch” is designed to solve the requirements for real time information, decision support and operative archive. This application is designed with last generation technology,  all information being presented in an intuitive, visual manner. Its implementation is multilocation type where there is the necessity for real time data communication.

Specific features:
Ensigned for "mission critical" situations, extremely versatile (unified data format, meta-database), visual, intuitive interface. Information transmission mechanism (data and messages) uses temporal routes and intervals which can be customized according to customer requirements.

Data acquisition, storage, processing/modelling and transfer on a tree-like architecture with two or several real time aggregation levels, multilocation.

Interoperability. Connectivity:
Interfacing with GIS (ESRI), numerical data processing models, ERP, Mobius ROSA, DSS, MS Office, Sharepoint Services/Portal, MS OLAP decision cubes and MS Reporting Services, warning-alarm systems using multiple instruments and comunication routes.

Platform. Requiremens:
Data storage takes place on MS SQL Server 2000, federalized databases, according to the structure of the organization, on several tiers (2 or more). The software runs on Windows 2000/XP platforms using Mobius SQL Replicator. Both the replicator mechanism and the messagery use customizable routes and time intervals according to client’s needs.

Features management, reporting system :

The application has an intuitive interface for customizing its features and has different reports for transfer achievement, problems appeared, connectivity etc. This system is a support tool for decisions regarding communication and equipment maintenance based on performances.

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